I’m turning 20 and I still don’t know how the triple X word actually feels like, talking about SEX!! Hehehe, hear it goes! 

I will admit that my Introvert nature is solely responsible for this. There’s no other reason really,. I’m fairly attractive,  I’ve been in a few relationships but never really got to the point of physical intimacy. Wait, let me Clarify – –  EXTREME PHYSICAL INTIMACY– cause that is what Sex is.
I’m not really good with girls. By that I mean I’m not a flirt,  and I also don’t know how to read situations. I have had opportunities to experience erotic romance but I’ve always been scared of taking that step. 

I donno how to say this but sex for me has always been like another realm. Which I do believe you need guts and a daring nature to explore. I just haven’t gotten to that point yet.