This is probably the first day of the rest of my life and I sure am excited about it. My friends are excited too to meet the new me. ​

Their thoughts are all centred around what I’d like to imagine is brilliance. Hehehe, ​​
Not to toot my own horn but I do fancy myself quite the smart guy and this glasses make me look like it. 
1. Nerd Nerd Nerd

2. Geek, focused geek
Those are the most popular. 

However there’s one that got me smiling hours after hearing it. Is that I look like I’m ready to give a Batman Conversation and you know what I’m always ready for one 24/7..!
Here’s to a brand new life of Nerd. 
Ooh.. And Superheroes might be stopping by in my blog soon.  
007 out. 
Introvert Heart 

I have lived like a nerd/geek. Only  thing I was missing was a pair of nerd glasses. To unleash my Super Power


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