This is a rant about the simple art of Friendly Introduction.

Let me set the Scene first. 

So picture this, You and your pal A. K. A your friend, your homie, your girl, A. K. A The human being that’s about to make you feel like a dog Are casually taking a walk, and the stories between you two are just Finger licking good!! 

The scene is all set

Now, how can someone you’re walking with make you feel like you don’t exist??? Make you feel like a pet dog???
Well, someone who is very close to your friend shows up and right at that second you get tossed aside. You become a third wheel and to make it worse a third wheel that has not been introduced. 
As an Introvert its scarring to Walk behind your friend as they are engaged by another person. And the things they’re are talking about clearly leave you in the cold cause its all foreign to you. And you have no idea who the new guy is.

This has happened to me and it’s haunting and heart breaking

I’m not the kind of person who budges into a conversation uninvited, I just don’t know how to. If you don’t tell me contribute or at least reveal my identity, I will go to a dark corner and sit alone. 

I mean some people even introduce their pets, and when I’m not introduced I just feel so insignificant and invisible. 

I know it might seem like a tiny issue, but if you’ve experienced this you’ll know its an act of being RUDE!!!! 
Some advice,  never ever forget to introduce whoever you’re with, cause if you don’t 

Its as good as them not being there, there are floating in air not walking on the same ground as you. 

Remember this, 



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